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According to TikTok, it’s easier to have a girlfriend with an iPhone!



It is undeniable that much of the iPhone’s success in the current market is not in its incredible levels of performance, or in the support that Apple is able to give its devices on a day-to-day basis. It is in the status that this type of device offers the user. By giving the idea of ​​“money”, of being well in life, and of having some idea of ​​what the current trends in the fashion world are.

But, do you realize how much value people really place on the iPhone in the most mundane everyday things? Even finding a girlfriend or boyfriend makes things easier.

According to TikTok, it’s easier to have a girlfriend with an iPhone!

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Android or iPhone? For very good people, it’s not even an option!

Therefore, we are talking about a video made as a joke on TikTok, but which in a very curious way ends up showing a very interesting situation in our society.

After all, based on the annual questionnaire of the Piper Sandler which tries to find out what teenagers do and want to do with their lives, 87% of respondents have an iPhone in their pocket, and 88% of those same respondents want another iPhone when the current one no longer serves their basic needs.

According to the same “study” that took into account the responses of more than 9,000 teenagers, the iPhone is the device of choice! Something that most likely will not change in the near future.

So, after this very interesting study, a TikToker decided to go from another “perspective” in order to create an interesting video for the platform. In other words, understanding whether a teenager would date a 10/10 boy, even if he had an Android in his pocket instead of an iPhone. The answers were… Scary!

  • “It’s a 10/10 but does it have an Android? So it’s a 3/10.”
  • “Horrible!”
  • “It’s a zero. Our Instagram photos are going to look horrible.”
  • “It’s a downgrade!”

Obviously this TikTok video does not represent the mentality of teenagers in general. Especially outside the United States, where the iPhone doesn’t have the same polarizing ability. But, having our future in the hands of individuals who make important choices for their lives based on a completely irrelevant factor such as their chosen smartphone… It is simply scary.

After all, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone, a smartphone has the same exact objective, and therefore does exactly the same thing.

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