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After Young Sheldon, there is another spin-off of The Bing Bang Theory being developed for HBO Max



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The success of “The Big Bang Theory” continues to spread! “Young Sheldon” could get its own spin-off.

“Young Sheldon” is the prequel to “Big Bang Theory”, which focuses on a very young Sheldon Cooper and his premature academic beginnings.

Alongside the little genius, played by Iain Armitagewe found your family – Mary Cooper (Zoe Perry), George Cooper Sr. (Lance Barber), Georgie Copper (Montana Jordan), Missy Cooper (Raegan Revord) and Connie Tucker (Annie Potts).

The 2017 series was a instant success and has been growing over the years. At the Rotten Tomatoes the series achieved a pleasant 76%. Catherine Gee, from Daily Telegraph (UK), he writes, “what we have is a warm coming-of-age tale, in the style of The Wonder Years. But without Parsons-level comedic talent in the cast, this series will live or die on the writers’ ability to create characters worth falling in love with.”

For its part, the original series, “The Big Bang Theory”, has an average of 81% in the Rotten Tomatoes. Eric Deggans, from NPRhighlights the incredible performance of Jim Parsons, “There’s a reason Jim Parsons won three Emmys. “The Big Bang Theory” is the best and funniest old school sitcom of the year. And its success is based on techniques as old as television itself.”

When there is less than a month left until debut of the seventh season comes the news that all fans wanted to hear!


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The Coopers © CBS

According to several North American media, it is being worked an agreement for the production on one “Young Sheldon” spin-off.

A CBS and the Warner Bros. television yet did not officially communicate. At the beginning of last year the Warner Bros. Discovery announced that the creator of the two series, Chuck Lorre, was working in another spin-off, for HBO Max.


Have you seen “The Big Bang Theory?” Do you know of another spin-off that got its own spin-off?

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