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(Analysis) Google Pixel Watch 2: There’s a little something missing!



If Pixel smartphones arrived on the market with the great mission of showing the way for the Android ecosystem as a whole, smartwatches within the same exact range must have an obviously very similar mission.

However, while the focus on Pixel smartphones has been going on for a few years now, for reasons that no one can pinpoint, Google has always stayed a little away from smart watches, leaving (for many years) its hardware partners to do what they want. you understand, this while Apple dominated the world of wearables with its Apple Watch, and of course, with the AirPods.

Fortunately, this started to change when Google decided to revolutionize the Wear OS Operating System in 2021! At which point he also managed to convince the Samsung ditching Tizen OS to delve even deeper into the Android ecosystem.

In a way, Samsung’s smartwatches have become a bit of what the Pixel Watch should be, which is probably why Google wasn’t in a big rush to launch a gadget that was truly its own, with its brand image.

But in 2023, we finally have not one, but two generations of the Pixel smartwatch on the market! Excellent news for the Android ecosystem, but even better for those who see the smart watch as a critical gadget for everyday life.

However, despite being very interesting, this watch is far from perfect.

It is a watch with a curious shape, powerful and efficient in what it aims to do.

Still, I have to be very honest, we have some things here that simply shouldn’t happen in this price range, and more importantly, shouldn’t happen in a product belonging to the Google Pixel range of devices.

This is especially true at a time when Google smartphones are expanding and gaining new importance in the market.

(Analysis) Google Pixel Watch 2: There’s a little something missing!

Therefore, if you are not successful at first, you need to keep working, correct mistakes, and try again. That’s what Google did with the Pixel Watch 2. He listened to a lot of the feedback that users posted on the Internet, and in fact, he changed almost everything except the exterior design of the smart watch.

This resulted in a beautiful, light, super comfortable watch, which for the first time in many years in the Wear OS world, is able to combine performance and fluidity, with design and comfort.

Added to the improvements to the Fitbit app, this watch turns into an authentic information capture and processing machine.

But there is still a lot to improve on this Google wearable. The idea remains that there is still a little damage or two left for the North American giant to be able to offer the best Android smartwatch on the market.

Design and Display

If you liked last year’s design, there’s no way you won’t like the Pixel Watch 2. But the opposite is also true! So, if you thought the watch was too small, with margins that were too large, and with an overall design that was too youthful, well, you won’t like the new version either.

The edges come into view when you move away from faces with a black background. It’s something to improve in the next version.

There isn’t much new to comment on in this second version of Google’s smart watch in visual terms. Which is again a double-edged sword, as it can be a good thing because it means the research giant has focused 100% on the hardware, but it’s also a bad thing because the design of the Pixel Watch 1 is a bit old.

  • Note: In case you didn’t know, the first rumors about the Google watch reached the Internet in 2018, and it seems that the first launch plans pointed to 2019 or 2020.

Still, there are some improvements that we can comment on, such as the weight having dropped a little (~10%) thanks to the use of recycled aluminum instead of the heavier steel.

The screen is still small (1.2”), but still capable of displaying a lot of good information, while also displaying extremely vivid colors and good brightness even under intense sunlight. Which is undeniably the most important thing in a watch so focused on monitoring what its user does on a daily basis.

However, the use of the same design also means that the bracelets continue to have a proprietary fit. In other words, you cannot use the bracelets you already use on your current smartwatch, whatever it may be. (Unless it’s a Pixel Watch 1 :P)

Features and Health

The design is the same, but the hardware couldn’t be more different, especially in terms of biometric sensors.

After all, the Pixel Watch 2 brings very significant improvements in heart rate monitoring thanks to a multi-path sensor. This means that the watch is capable of having a much more detailed idea of ​​what you are doing, and how you are doing it, whether on a calmer day or a more demanding workout.

I had the opportunity to use the Pixel Watch 2 in high-intensity classes at my gym, and the sensor was able to capture an incredible 172 beats per minute. Furthermore, it is also very good at calculating calories and energy spent, and at resting or training suggestions.

All of this is important, because the Pixel Watch 2 is now better implemented in the Fitbit ecosystem. In other words, you will have access to an incredible app, with a lot of information and processing. Especially if you want to opt for the Premium subscription (the watch comes with 6 months free).


The battery was not one of the strong points of the Pixel Watch 1, and it continues to not be one of the strong points of the new version. In fact, it is a problem that ends up defeating one of the watch’s greatest potential. After all… How are we going to sleep with a watch that can’t handle a full day of demanding use?

The Pixel Watch 2 requires some exercise and planning, especially if you’re like me and like to use the GPS for walks and runs on the street, while always having the screen on. This is obviously a compromise that Google decided to “eat”, to maintain the small size and light weight.

It’s an everyday watch, but only if you’re like me and hate sleeping with “things” on your wrist. Go to bed, put your watch on charge, and the next day you’ll be ready for all the tasks you throw at you.

But, my criticism regarding the battery and charging doesn’t stop there! After all, we are talking about a watch that is not exactly cheap (€399), but still hits the market without wireless charging support. Instead, we have magnetic charging with pins that is reminiscent of Xiaomi’s low-cost watch chargers from back in the day. I beg your pardon, but in 2023 it is almost unacceptable.


PIxel Watch 2 has a complicated mission in the market, having to face what Apple has to offer, and of course, what Samsung has been doing in the market since 2021.

The Pixel Watch 2 is an incredible watch, being a very strong foundation for a successful future for Google in this market.

After all, Google already has performance and fluidity guaranteed, it just needs to improve the screen next year by opting for a panel with thinner margins and closer to the competition. Furthermore, greater attention must be paid to battery life (at least 2 days), and of course, giving up magnetic charging to adopt Qi wireless charging.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this watch, especially in terms of comfort. But we are talking about a Pixel device, and therefore, the level of demand must always be higher. I want a Google Pixel watch capable of offering the same quality of use that Apple offers with its Apple Watch. Is it too much to ask? Perhaps! But we are talking about the main responsible for the Android ecosystem. We as consumers just have to demand more and better.

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