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Apple Vision Pro is expensive but has already sold 200 thousand units. Good?



Despite the fact that it has not yet been 100% launched (it is still on pre-sale), everything indicates that Apple has already sold more than 200 thousand units of its Vision Pro, its first AR/VR helmet whose main objective is change the way we look at a smart device or computer.

Is this a sign that the bet is going well? Even at a price of $3500, which in Europe, especially in Portugal, should be a little closer to €4000.

Apple Vision Pro is expensive but has already sold 200 thousand units. Good or bad?


So the question here is whether this number is high enough to excite anyone, namely Apple, which has invested so much in this revolutionary and expensive product. After all, we are talking about the first Apple product that you can put on your head and enter another world.

Well, I think it’s still too early to draw conclusions. Still, 200 thousand units sold with a base price of $3499 is really something. I can say that it is a milestone that exceeded my expectations. Especially since several reports indicated that Apple would only be able to produce around 400 thousand units in 2024. In other words, if this is true… In pre-sale, half is already gone!

400 thousand units why?

I think it’s a bit of a mix of strategy and line limitations. After all, a product that is always sold out out of nowhere gives an image of being extremely premium, desired, and out of the ordinary.

However, this limitation is not just related to that. The truth is that the Apple Vision Pro is really difficult to produce, with there not being enough components to make more than 400,000 units, or if things improve throughout the year, around half a million units.

It is also worth saying that pre-sales only take place in North American territory, and it is not yet clear when the Vision Pro will arrive in Europe.

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