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Apple wants to change plans for the future. The iPhone is not eternal!



The iPhone is the most important product for Apple since… Well… Ever! It’s an incredible gold mine, and apparently, it still has a lot to show and money to give, such has been the evolution and growth of the North American giant’s market share in the world of smartphones.

We can even say that the Android ecosystem has made some mistakes, such as its almost absurd price increase, and as such, Apple continues to take advantage of every opportunity that appears to grow and sell more and more smartphones. However, it is important not to repeat past mistakes. The iPhone won’t last forever!

Apple needs to be aware of what comes next, which is exactly why the manufacturer’s focus will move away from the smartphone and onto the rest of the ecosystem.

Apple wants to change plans for the future. The iPhone is not eternal!


Therefore, obviously, there will continue to be a new iPhone range in 2024, 2025, etc… After all, as we said above, the iPhone continues to be the most important product for Apple.

However, it is expected that the North American giant’s focus will slowly begin to shift to other types of devices within the same ecosystem, as is the example of the recently announced and potentially revolutionary Vision Pro, as well as the Apple Watch and Apple AirPods.

Interestingly, there are also signs of changes for the iPad and MacBook, with some rumors pointing to a foldable iPad in 2025 or 2026.

But we still don’t know much about that. We are just sure that Apple will start investing much more in wearables and accessories from 2024 onwards.

What will happen with the iPhone 16?

Well, from what we know, the Pro models will increase a little in size, with the Pro growing to 6.3” while the Pro Max model grows to 6.9”. The base models should continue with the same design as in 2023, but will probably adopt the Action Button that we can already find in the Pro versions.

iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone, Apple, iPhone caught water

There are some rumors pointing to the use of touch buttons, but this is still… Doubtful.

Let’s forget the iPhone. So what about the rest?

Apple wants to give new life to its audio-focused range, more specifically the AirPods Max, which are not selling at the level the brand would like. As? Well, it’s still too early to bet on new hardware and software, so first we’ll see the arrival of new colors, and of course, the implementation of a USB-C port to facilitate charging.

Additionally, we will also start to see some moves towards new AirPods 4 and AirPods Pro 3. Something essential, because the AirPods range is now a bit confusing.

It is also worth highlighting that these releases must be accompanied by new features, as is the example of “Hearing aid“, with Apple ready to dip its toes a little more in the health waters. (A highly profitable market if Apple knows how to move!)

However, the Apple Watch also needs new life, despite dominating the market without major difficulties. The Apple watch is the industry’s “gold standard”, but it has been stagnant for several years, with each new model receiving only a few minor extras, instead of something truly capable of revolutionizing the way it looks and how you use it on a daily basis. a-day.

What comes after the iPhone?

For you it may still be a little difficult to believe, but for many good people, the Vision Pro is the successor to the iPhone. Therefore, it is a good idea to pay attention to the first launch of 2024, which should take place between January and February, to begin to understand what could really happen in the world of technology.

This is important, because although it is completely unreasonable to expect mass adoption, such is the price of the device, we will start to see some changes in Apple’s ecosystem pointing to its new product development and delivery strategy.

It should be extremely interesting.

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