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AYANEO Pocket S: Another portable console, but this one is Android!



We have more and more portable consoles on the market, and in fact, increasingly different consoles, as is the example of the MSI Claw which is based on Intel hardware, or now it is the case of the AYANEO Pocket S which is based on the most powerful SoC in the world. Qualcomm for gaming, the Snapdragon G3x Gen2.

AYANEO Pocket S: Another portable console, but this one is Android!

Therefore, there has been a lot of talk about Valve’s Steam Deck, ASUS’s ROG Ally, and also Lenovo’s Legion Go, do you know why? Because they are all based on AMD hardware, just like the most powerful living room consoles on the market, the Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5.

However, other alternatives are beginning to appear, such as the Claw from MSI, and apparently also this Pocket S from AYANEO, the first based on Intel hardware, while the second has a SoC more focused on the Android ecosystem.

Yes, this portable console from AYANEO is a kind of Android smartphone with an embedded controller, which of course has the most interesting and powerful hardware the industry has to offer. Ultimately, we have to look at the Snapdragon G3x Gen2 in a different way, as we have to look at a super powerful Adreno A32 GPU, as well as 8 high-performance Kryo cores.

That’s enough power to bring Ray-Tracing to life in real time… It’s really anything!

Furthermore, the AYANEO Pocket S is a portable console equipped with a 6-inch 1440p screen. In turn, with extremely small margins, all in an ultra-thin 14mm body.

We also have 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB of internal storage. The battery offers good numbers, which is due to the fact that the SoC is limited to 15W consumption.

As expected, we also have some very gaming finishes, such as RGB lighting, and high-level haptic feedback.

It is worth noting that as it is based on an Android Operating System… It is possible to install all the emulators you can imagine! Which could open many doors to high-quality gameplay. However, we still have no idea of ​​the price of this console, nor will it reach the market in large quantities… We will find out more in April!

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