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BlazBlue: Entropy Effect already has a release date



A 91Act announced that its BlazBlue: Entropy Effect will leave its Early Access and be officially launched on January 31, 2024 for PC via Steam.

Enjoy brilliant action and combat gameplay! The pinnacle of roguelite action games!

The ultimate 2D action adventure

An all-new action roguelite developed by a team with years of action gaming experience is ready to deliver the best 2D action combat experience the world has ever seen!

Ever-changing action combat

Each character has their own characteristics and hundreds of moves to choose from to create your unique combinations. The Legacy System makes each battle a unique experience.

Endless Roguelite customization possibilities

Think strategically and plan your tactics by selecting eight elements (Lightning, Fire, Ice, Blade, Toxin, Light, Umbra and Generic) and over 200 upgrades that combine with your kit to create different “reactions”, such as Burn , Freeze, Blind, Paralyze… Choose upgrades wisely and customize your own combat style!

Two-in-one gameplay design

Enjoy the fusion of two classic side-scrolling gameplay styles: sandbox progression and Metroidvania-inspired adventures. Fight against different enemies and face bosses specific to each stage in sandbox-style levels. Embark on a journey across a vast procedurally generated Metroidvania map and enter hidden forbidden zones to uncover the story’s climax.

A non-linear story

In this fictional near future, a technology known as “ACE” allows people to enter a virtual world and fight as different characters. However, they are unaware that what happens in the virtual world is slowly changing their reality…

Phenomenon Fragments can reveal or hide the truth… Will you trust them?

Your dialogue choices will decide the direction of the story… what will you choose?

Make your choices carefully, as they will take you to completely different destinations at the end of your eventful journey.

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