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Do you know you can share your Netflix account this way?



In recent times, Netflix has made some attempts to “force” each family member who is not in our home to pay a subscription. After all, the main objective is that the platform wants each house to have its own account and that people who live in different places cannot use it.

However, the truth is that this ends up not being very good for that typical couple who still don’t live together, but who want to share the Netflix bill to pay less. Or even for those families with older children who are starting to leave home, but still want to use their parents’ Netflix account. And the truth is that there is a solution!

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Do you know you can share your Netflix account this way?

Therefore, for all those who, after the new “updates”, are no longer able to watch Netflix in their homes, and only in the home of the account holder, the secret is to state that you are traveling. In other words, it is as if the account holder were currently living in their home. But for a limited time!

That said, it will obviously block again from time to time. However, the process is always the same. Say that you are traveling and enter the code that will appear either in a message or in an email to the account holder.

account sharing

In short, this is the simplest way to avoid paying for a new subscription. This is when you can perfectly share it with your children who are temporarily away from home. If you already knew… Fantastic! If you don’t already know this method, you can always give it a try.

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