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Do you like the manual transmission? Discover the new BMW Z4 2024!



In the European market, it is still common for buyers to prefer vehicles with manual gearboxes instead of the more modern and arguably more efficient automatic gearbox.

The European driver still likes to experience true “driving pleasure” to the fullest and BMW knows this well. Therefore, the big news for the BMW Z4 M40i 2024 is the warranty that you can opt for… Of course, a manual gearbox!

The novelty arrives in the first quarter of the year and guarantees the debut of the clutch pedal in the current generation of the Z4, originally launched in 2019.

Introduction of the manual transmission guarantees exclusivity for the BMW Z4 among direct rivals!

The new option aims to highlight this model among rivals such as the Audit TT and Jaguar F-Type. This is because at the moment none of these models mentioned above have a manual gearbox as an option.

The intention is, of course, to boost the number of sales of around 5,448 units this year. A number below expectations and below some offers such as the Audi TT and the Porsche 718 Boxster.

Therefore, be aware that currently the BMW Z4 M40i comes equipped with box ZF eight-speed automatic. To power the model, we have the incredible and renowned in-line six-cylinder engine, BMW ‘B58’ 3.0L turbo capable of producing 387 original hp.

bmw z4

The reintroduction of the manual transmission in the BMW Z4 closely follows its “twin” brother, the Toyota GR Supra, which also has the option of a six-speed manual transmission. However, for the Z4 BMW will not use the same architecture used in the Toyota, but rather the offering found in the BMW M2.

In short, also expect the similarity to the Toyota Supra which in the manual offering takes 0.3 seconds more from 0-100Km/h to happen in the BMW Z4. However, the buyer who opts for this offer will be looking for much more than an acceleration number, they will be looking for the driving pleasure that a good manual transmission is capable of offering.

Furthermore, what do you think about manual gearboxes in sports cars? Share with us about the reintroduction of the manual transmission in the BMW Z4 in the comments below.


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