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Dolls Nest will be released in 2024



After being announced at the end of 2023, Nitroplus and the Nitro Arts confirmed today that their game Dolls Nest will be released in 2024 for PC via Steam with support for English and Japanese. You can see a gameplay video above.

According to the president of NITRO PLUS, Takaki Kosakathis is the first game NITRO PLUS genuine and internal in some time, and the development team is giving it their all.

A NITRO ARTSpreviously Nitroplusartshas created films for games such as Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa, SoniComi, Tokyo Necro It is Touken Ranbu ONLINE.

In the description of Dolls Nest we can read:

Dolls Nest is a 3D action game where you can customize mecha girls and explore a ruined world. As a Frame Unit, your adventure will pit you against the gigantic autonomous factory world of Hod. Overcome obstacles using the pieces at your disposal and uncover the mysteries at their center.

Hod, the world you inhabit, is a huge crater filled with armored units. Broken machines and ruined buildings are scattered across its landscape.

But fate can be cruel. You must scour the land for resources if you want to survive in this ruined world.

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