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Fans disappointed with the announcement of Dragon Ball Daima



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With the recent announcement of Dragon Ball Daima, many fans are eager for news about a potential second season of Dragon Ball Super.

Since 1984, “Dragon Ball” has been exciting kids and adults all over the world. The saga was conceived by Akira Toriyama, and features several manga and anime that have captured the imagination of fans over the almost four decades since its creation. The first small screen adaptation of the story of Goku and Dragon Balls began in 1986 and has not stopped since then, returning to screens with impressive regularity.

However, despite its growing popularity and large legion of fans, the saga has been absent from screens for several years, since “Dragon Ball Super” ended its run.

Dragon Ball Super
©Toei Animation

Despite a turbulent start, the first season of “Dragon Ball Super” ended up being a success, captivating the attention of longtime fans and attracting a new generation of followers. The anime premiered in the summer of 2015 and ran until March 2018, exploring an integral part of the manga it adapts throughout its 131 episodes. The anime’s growing success eventually led to the production of two films, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” It is “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“.

The anime ended with the promise of an eventual return after a brief hiatus, but the truth is that there has been no news since then, and fans have been resenting the lack of the series. Many viewers are looking forward to the return of “Dragon Ball Super” to re-follow the story with a focus on building captivating and memorable characters, through the deep exploration of their psyche. However, the recent revelation of the adaptation of “Dragon Ball Daima” disappointed fans who were waiting for news related to the return of “Super“.

With a large part of the story still to be explored, many fans are eager to discover what the focus of the second season will be, but above all what its world premiere will be. With the focus now turning to the development of “Dragon Ball Daima”, many viewers are afraid of the long wait that lies ahead.


Dragon Ball Super
©Toei Animation

“Dragon Ball Super” and its films explored the saga Tournament of Poweras well as the history of Broly It is super heroleading fans to prepare to see the arrival of what could be the most impactful narrative arcs in the universe.

Moro and Granolah are two of the manga’s most popular chapters, accommodating the series’ stories.”Super” most cherished by fans. The “Moro” saga offers a new opportunity for Goku and Vegeta to grow with the appearance of a new and ruthless villain who forces them to unlock new abilities, while “Granolah” takes the focus to more serious and deeper themes, such as responsibility and consequences of the heroes’ actions, which takes them on an introspective journey of great importance for the saga.

In the meantime, fans will have to be content with the announced 20 episodes of “Dragon Ball Daima”, the series has a luxury team that includes the talent of Yoshitaka Yashima (“Dragon Ball Super”) and Aya Komaki (“One Piece”) as director, and Yuuko Kakihara (“Digimon Adventure”) in the scripts.


Are you a fan of Dragon Ball? Do you believe that the second season of Dragon Ball will ever arrive?

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