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FOX channels change name and look in 2024



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The Walt Disney Company announced today that FOX Channels will change their name and gain a new image in early 2024.

It was in 2017 that the The Walt Disney Company announced the acquisition of 21st Century FOX, a purchase that included not only the brand’s film studios, but also its television studios. Thus, the multinational, which started out as an animation studio and which this year celebrates its centenarybecame the owner of channels such as FOX, FOX Comedy, FOX Crime, FOX Life It is FOX Movies. The purchase was only made official in 2019 and became very profitable for Disney.

Today day November 27ththe CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Luís Pernambuco, announced that FOX channels will now change their name. The announcement appeared during the ‘Showcase Disney 2024‘, which took place in Lisbon, and confirms that, from the beginning of 2024, with no specific date yet, FOX will give way to Star Channela change that will take place not only in Portugal, but across Europe.


During the showcaseLuís Pernambuco presented the numbers that reflect television consumption in Portugal, emphasizing the fact that the Portuguese continue to prefer cable channels despite the high use of platforms streaming. Still, in 2023, FOX channels were the ones that had more audience, representing 20% ​​of television consumption of cable channels. As such, the numbers reflect a 5% increase in rating compared to the previous year.

With the positive response that the channels now belonging to The Walt Disney Company have given, the multinational decided to invest in improving its image, eliminating the name ‘FOX’ to make way for ‘Star Channel‘. The objective, as the company’s General Director himself said, is to “leave the country with stars”. Furthermore, the visual identity of the channels will undergo a major change, having been entirely designed by Portuguese companies. This new identity will emerge not only digitally, but also in physical format, being present in billboards It is billboards of brand. Luís Pernambuco also guarantees that, starting tomorrow, a new marketing campaign will invade the streets of the country and Europe to promote this new star-studded version of the channels Star Channel, StarLife, StarCrime, Star Comedy It is Star Movies. Furthermore, there is also the promise that the programming will remain the same, with the renewal of series and the arrival of new entertainment content.


What do you think of this change? What is your favorite FOX channel?

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