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Gmail finally offers long-needed functionality



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Gmail users just received great news! The email service has just received an important new feature.

The launch of Gmail for the Google in 2004 is a significant milestone in digital communication. This is because in addition to having an intuitive interface, it offers very valuable resources that go far beyond simply sending emails. Thus, it stands out, for example, for the wide space of storageadvanced filters and organization by labels, simplifying the search for specific emails.

Equally important is its integration with other services such as Google Drive. However, if for many Gmail came to an end in the past December 1Google has just announced news which will certainly be to the liking of many millions of users. This is because the technology giant recently launched the RETVec (Resilient and Efficient Text Vectorizer), a new multilingual text vectorizer aimed at identifying potentially harmful content such as spam and emails malicious.


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RETVec has been trained to be resistant to character-level manipulations including insertion, deletion, typos, homoglyphs, LEET substitution, and more“, according to the project description in the GitHub. “The RETVec model is trained on top of a new character encoder that can encode all UTF-8 characters and words efficiently.

Despite large-scale platforms such as Gmail and YouTube rely on text classification models to detect hacking attacks phishing, inappropriate comments and fraud, those responsible for these threats constantly develop new strategies to bypass these defenses. Thus, for example, they resort to the use of homoglyphs or filling in key words and invisible characters.


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In this sense, RETVec operates in more than 100 languages ​​and aims to strengthen text classifiers, both on the server and on the device, making them more robust and less demanding at a computational level. Vectorization is a natural language processing (NLP) technique that transforms words or phrases into numerical representations, facilitating more detailed analysis.

In the area of cybersecurityGoogle reveals that integrating the vectorizer into Gmail increased spam detection by 38% compared to the baseline and reduced false positives by 19.4%.

What do you think of this new feature from Google and Gmail?

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