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Gmail for Android received the function it should have always had!



Gmail is, without a doubt, one of the best email applications for Android and has earned its place as the most used email service in the world. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Like most Google products, it has some weaknesses, some that are missed more than others. This is exactly what happens with the function we are going to talk about next. It’s incredibly simple but for some reason it was missing, giving many users headaches. However, now everything has been resolved and Gmail for Android has received the function it should have always had!

Gmail for Android received the function it should have always had!

In fact, perhaps the most puzzling omission over the years has been the lack of a Select All option in the app. Instead, you had to manually select each email you wanted to delete, archive or recategorize. That has finally changed.

The first time we saw evidence of Gmail working on a Select All button was in September. At the time, AssembleDebug TheSpAndroid had discovered some hidden signs that indicated that Google was preparing the feature. A few weeks later, the website 9to5Google reported that some selected users detected this function in tests. However, it was not linked to a version of the application. Instead, it depended on a server-side change, likely at the account level.

Now behold, it began to appear for some people, as evidenced by reports in the Reddit.

It’s an intuitive feature, even if it’s extremely late. Just long-press an email or tap the sender’s avatar on the left to select a single conversation, then you’ll see the new Select All option at the top of the list. Like the feature that’s been available on the desktop site for years, this option works in every view, from search results to inboxes and categories.

But there is a caveat. The Select All option doesn’t always choose all emails in a view. Using this option selects all emails on the page, which are 50 by default.

It may seem strange to talk about something as simple as a Select All button for an email application in 2024, but that’s how Google is.

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