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Google Calendar will allow you to switch between events and tasks



For many, Google Calendar is an essential application for keeping track of ongoing events and tasks. However, at this point, the application makes creating a task a little more complicated than necessary. However, this will soon change in the Android app.

Google Calendar will allow you to switch between events and tasks

Hidden in the latest Calendar for Android update (v2023.48.0) is a tweak spotted by @AssembleDebug revealing that Google has added support for a quick toggle when creating a new event. This way you can choose between making a Calendar event or a task in Google Tasks (which also appears in the Calendar).

The change, which the website 9to5Google also enabled, it simply adds another option to the creation page that allows you to switch between the two types. By default, this option is set to a calendar event, but just one tap changes it to a task.

Currently, to do the same, you need to go back and tap the dedicated “task” button that appears when you press the “+” floating action button. Google doesn’t appear to be changing that interface, so if you have the memory to tap the correct icon first, you won’t notice any changes.

But what’s important to note here is that Google Calendar will save the ongoing title and date information when you switch between a calendar event and a task under this new change. With the current method, all this information is lost, which is why it’s really frustrating to accidentally start creating an event when you intended to create something else.

It is not known when this change will reach all users. However, if we consider that everything is already functional, it shouldn’t take long.

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