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Intel pointed the finger at AMD… Resolution on the way!



A few weeks ago, Intel decided to point the finger at the mess that is AMD’s range of processors. More specifically, the way AMD launches products that are actually based on old technologies, but appear with completely new names, apparently inserted into newer and more evolved ranges.

Well, despite the fact that in the field of performance everything is fine, and there is no mistake, AMD took the “tip” to heart and decided to change the way it does things.

Intel pointed the finger at AMD… Resolution on the way!

amd, ryzen

Therefore, AMD appears to be ready to work on the specifications of its products, and on the naming strategy it has been using in recent years. The processor and graphics card giant will take advantage of the paradigm shift based on the launch of hybrid products, to clarify everything in the eyes of consumers, and in fact also simplify things a little for its staff.


Well, both Intel and AMD offer processors that are based not on one, but on several types of cores with completely different specifications. Furthermore, we have different numbers of cores, clock speeds, amounts of cache, etc…

This situation, although not easy to organize, creates some confusion, especially on the consumer side. Therefore, AMD is now trying its best to offer detailed specifications to users who want to know the exact configurations and details of what they are buying.

We will start to see differences starting with the 2024 launches, which should take place at CES in January.

First of all, share with us your opinion about all this. Do you think it is that serious, or is this simply normal and acceptable in the world of technology? After all… Have you looked at the world of monitors? So yes… It is complex to identify different models. Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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