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iPhone SE will have a truly incredible upgrade!



In case you didn’t know, Apple was planning to launch an iPhone SE at the same time it was capable of producing its own modems, not only to test the final product, but also to mature the chip with the results of this launch, in order to drop the Qualcomm once and for all.

However, it seems that designing modems is a really complicated task for Apple’s team of engineers, which is exactly why the agreement with Qualcomm was extended until at least 2026 or 2027.

This means that there must be at least one more iPhone SE without an Apple modem! Furthermore, this iPhone SE has to come out in 2024, or 2025 at the latest.

iPhone SE will have a truly incredible upgrade!

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(Credit: Upinthezone/X)

Therefore, although we still don’t know for sure when the new iPhone SE will be a reality on the market, the truth is that the ‘Low-Cost’ version of the iPhone has not been updated since 2022. Therefore, there must be a “refresh”. In fact, there has to be a GOOD “refresh”.

Which is exactly why Apple is planning the biggest overall design change ever on an iPhone.

In other words, the next iPhone SE will finally say goodbye to the design based on devices from the past, to adopt something much closer to what we can find on the market with the iPhone 15 or future iPhone 16.

After all, we will find an iPhone with a large screen, probably with an LCD panel instead of OLED, but still with a dynamic island instead of the old “notch”. Interestingly, it is expected that the rear will continue to be equipped with just one sensor. Something very rare to find in the world of modern smartphones.

In addition to all this, this iPhone SE will also hit the market with a USB-C port instead of Lightning.

This would be the first really interesting iPhone SE in the last… Go… 5~6 years? However, as you can imagine, it all depends on its price.

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