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January on Prime Video? These are the news not to be missed!



When we say here that Streaming has been on the rise recently, we really aren’t kidding. And if you thought that during 2024 things would slow down… you are very wrong. This is because not only do we have excellent projects coming up, but we will also have access to many of them during the month of January. Namely on Prime Video where what we can expect has already been announced.

Therefore, as expected, we have projects for all tastes and moods, divided into major films and series. In fact, they are distributed across several releases throughout the month. However, as there are still a few, we decided to put together a list of only the best. In other words, those that you really can’t lose. But let’s get to the point.

Zack Snyder wants to pick up on a well-known film series! Which?

January on Prime Video? These are the news not to be missed!

After Everything – Released on January 1st

Talk To Me – Launching on January 4th

Foe – Release on January 10th

Role Play – Premieres on January 12th

Nine Days – Released on January 15th

Hypnotic – Invisible Weapon – Released on January 17th

Indian Police Force – Premieres on January 19th (first season)

Expats – Premieres on January 24th on Prime Video

That said, these are some of the best films and series that will arrive on Prime Video very soon. Some are better than others, as you would expect, but all of them have the capacity to provide us with a great time of entertainment.

January Prime Video

In short, are you still not betting on Streaming and are you more fans of cinema and just cinema? Our advice is not to waste any more time and invest in Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video or even HBO Max. The 2023 projects were incredible and 2024 promises even more.

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