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Junji Ito visits Hideo Kojima



Junji Ito It is Hideo Kojima are two excellent storytellers and long-time friends.

Junji Ito is known as the master of horror manga and some of his manga finally arrived in Portugal as Tomie and the Best of Best Junji Ito Short Story Collection for the Becoming.

Already Hideo Kojima is one of the most important names in the video game industry, after all he is the famous creator of Metal Gear It is Death Stranding.

On your twitter Hideo Kojima revealed that he received a visit from Junji Ito and fans soon began to speculate whether the two were working on a project again.

Kojima he wrote:

Today I met up with Junji Ito, who I hadn’t seen since the pandemic for the first time in 4 years, and I rewatched the film “Uzumaki” that I saw 24 years ago in the cinema, on the North American comic (since the Japanese version is only available on DVD). I remember seeing it in Shibuya and it was a double feature with “Tomie”, as I remember. Tonight in my warehouse, I dug up the manga “Uzumaki” and reread it.

Both creators are good friends, with Ito to appear in Death Stranding like a character giving quests to players.

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