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Lords of Exile will be released on February 14th



A PID GamesThe PixelHeart and the Squidbit Works announced that action and platform game Lords of Exile will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) on February 14th.

In the description of Lords of Exile we can read:

In ancient times of war in the Far East, the lands of Exilia were invaded by creatures of the night and samurai. In the face of this cruel conflict, only a cursed and bloodthirsty knight can bring hope and overcome darkness.

Main Features:


Explore 8 classic linear designed levels, each with difficult to overcome obstacles and enemies. At the end of each level, you will face a powerful boss that will test your skills. As Gabriel, you will receive an extra ability after defeating each boss, allowing you to progress further and face even more impressive challenges.

Gameplay variety

Experiment with different mechanics, from throwing weapons to hand-to-hand combat, stabbing, jumping and lunging. Unlock the powers of Gabriel’s curse to improve your skills. Play as Gabriel and Lyria, each offering a unique and distinct gameplay experience. You’ll never get tired of playing.

Additionally, after completing the game with Gabriel, two additional game modes are unlocked: Speedrunner mode and Boss Rush mode. And the best part? You can play these two modes with Gabriel or Lyria to create even more variety and fun!

Retro sound design and aesthetics

Relive the glory days of classic gaming with retro-inspired 16-bit physics and seamless controls. This immersive retro experience comes to life with stunning hand-crafted 8-bit style pixel art, fast-paced anime-inspired animations, sound effects and an 8-bit soundtrack that utilizes the Mega Drive’s vintage sound chip.

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