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Monster 02 by Devir in February



Monster 02 cover by Devir

It will be February 21st when the will publish volume 2 of the manga in Portugal Monster in Naoki Urasawa.

Monster #02 Naoki Urasawa

Tenma, who fell into the trap set by “Johan”, is now wanted by the police.
While narrowly escaping the police net, he pursues “Johan” to prevent another murder and prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, Nina is caught by a neo-Nazi group and Tenma, who continues trying to find her, discovers a terrible fact: the Nazis are conspiring to make “Johan” a new Hitler.

Monster is a masterpiece that has captivated millions of readers on an immersive journey through the enigmatic human mind, exploring the nature of people’s goodness and evil. The characters are complex and the plot delves deeply into the psychology of each of them.

The author

Naoki Urasawa is known for his passion for the work of Alfred Hitchcock, whose influence is clearly visible in Monster through all the suspense elements and the constant mind games that permeate the narrative.

The author’s personal experiences and travels to Europe were also fundamental for this manga to come to the world as we know it.

404 pages | RRP: €20.00

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