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MSI’s new PCIe 5.0 SSD has no fans… But it’s BIG!



As we are tired of saying, with the incredible increase in performance of new generation SSDs, it will be necessary to significantly improve the way in which the chips that serve as the basis of these new generation storage solutions are cooled.

Performance almost always means heat, and that heat has to be dissipated away from the SSD, and of course, the rest of your computer’s components. This is exactly why there are already solutions with fans, or with gigantic heatsinks that barely fit on the motherboard, or in the case of your PC.

MSI opted for the second option.

MSI’s New PCIe 5.0 SSD Has No Fans… But It’s BIG!

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So, very briefly, MSI recently launched its new high-end SSD, the Spatium M570 Pro Frozr PCIe 5.0, which is based on the new Phison E26 controller, and uses cutting-edge 3D NAND Flash memory, as well as a DRAM memory buffer for cache. This SSD is capable of reaching reading speeds of around 12,400MB/s, and writing speeds of 11,800MB/s.

This is an extremely powerful SSD, designed for professionals, whether content creators or gamers.

But, of course, to reach this level of performance, it is necessary to install a professional refrigeration solution. MSI designed a heatsink capable of reducing the temperature by an incredible 20 degrees Celsius. However, this means that those interested in SSD have to be careful when purchasing. The “kit” will not fit in any box, or on any motherboard.

The times when you could buy any SSD that the thing fit… Well… They’re over!

As for the price, this SSD should reach the market between €300 and €400 for the 2TB version. There are also 1TB and 4TB versions. Which raises the question… Does it make sense to opt for a PCIe 5.0 SSD when the difference to the older but still incredible PCIe 4.0 SSD is so heavy? Ask yourself… Is it really worth it? Especially at this point in the championship when a very significant increase in prices is expected?

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