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Netflix cancels second seasons of several K-dramas and leaves fans unhappy



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Netflix has had a growing number of South Korean series, better known as K-dramas, in its catalog. However, many of these series do not receive a second season. Why?

If you only started watching K-dramas with the great success of “Squid Game” (Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo, Hoyeon, Oh Yeong-Su, Wi Ha-Joon, Lee Byung-Hun), or other Korean series, you might find it a little strange that these series don’t have more than one season, as we were used to with American series.

squid game k-drama
©Noh Juhan | Netflix

K-dramas only having one season is the norm and not the exception. It was only very recently that some of these series, which have become very popular, received the green light for a new season. This is because producers like Netflix, Disney or Prime Videohave been involved in the production of these South Korean series.

In the particular case of Netflix, the streaming platform categorizes its series as miniseries or limited series, so subscribers can get an idea of ​​whether the series may have more than one season.

Recently, when talking about a K-drama, Netflix reveals from the beginning whether the series will have more than one season or whether it will be divided into two parts, as was the case with “Kingdom” (Ju Ji-Hoon, Bae DonnaKim Sungkyu, Kim Jye-Jun), “The Glory” (Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Do-Hyun, Lim Ji-Yeon, Park Sung-Hoon), “Love Alarm” (Kim So-Hyun, SongKangJung Ga-Ram), “Gyeongseong Creature” (Park Seo-JoonClaudia Kim, Wi Ha-JoonHan So-Hee), “Hospital Playlist” (Jo Jung-Suk, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jung Kyung-Ho, Kim Dae-Myung, Jeon Mi Do) and “Alchemy of Souls” (Lee Jae-Wook, Hwang Min-Hyun, Yoo Joon-Sang, Jung So-Min, Go Youn-Jung). All these series are available in Portugal.

What may confuse many people is the ratings used by Netflix, which recently changed the ratings for limited series when previously it didn’t exist. Some of these K-dramas that underwent these changes were “A Time Called You” (Ahn Hyo-Seop, JeonYeo-Been, Kang Hoon), “Celebrity” (Park Gyu-Young, Kang Min-Hyuk, Lee Chung-Ah, Lee Dong-Gun, Jun Hyo-Seong), “The Days”(Japanese drama with Kôji Yakusho, Hao Feng, Nobi Nakanishi), “First Love”(Japanese drama with Hikari Mitsushima, Takeru SatohStephanie Komure), “Glitch” (Jeon Yeo-BeenIm Jin-Ah, Lee Dong-Hwi, Brian Takahashi), “Mask Girl” (Lee Han-Byeol, NanaGo Hyun-Jung, Ahn Jae-Hong, Yeom Hye-Ran) and “The Sound of Magic” (Ji Chang-Wook, Choi Sung-Eun, Hwang In-Youp). All these series are available in Portugal.


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