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New 100% electric BMW i5 Touring is confirmed for 2024!



Apparently, 2024 will be a year completely packed with technological innovations, especially in the automotive market. Curious? We have another new product fresh out of the oven, this time based on some surprises from BMW.

Famous BMW i5 Touring arrives in the first quarter of 2024!

Well, the news was confirmed by the German company, which has now confirmed the arrival of its first 100% electric Touring/Estate vehicle for the global market. Know that this is the fifth generation of the BMW 5 Series, now accompanied by the 100% electric i5 variants.

bmw i5 5 series

BMW Series 5 will suit all tastes and needs!

Well, while many companies are cutting hard and badly on many models and variants, BMW still wants to maintain a wide range of offers to reach all types of consumers, with special attention to the type of driver who has a larger wallet. “stuffed”.

After all, the new BMW 5 Series includes the 100% electric Estate i5 variant along with gasoline, diesel and even plug-in hybrid variants until the end of 2024.

Yes! Apparently, so far, the top variants in the field of performance are also included! In a nutshell, BMW has already demonstrated that it can bring some sporting capabilities even to its 100% electric versions. In fact, a BMW spokesperson also announced that

“The 100% electric BMW i4 M50 shows how BMW perfectly combines dynamic performance and electric mobility”

bmw i5 5 series

In short, with the new generation BMW 5 Series it will be able to win over all types of enthusiasts. From these, those looking for 100% electric cars with the i5, through the plug-in hybrid, to the most powerful sports car and even the “simplest” model with a diesel combustion engine.

A true model that has everything it takes to conquer the market, that is, if it reaches a price that can rival its direct opponents. Is BMW capable?

Furthermore, what do you think about the new BMW 5 Series and the 100% electric i5? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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