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New WhatsApp update will end one of users’ biggest problems



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After changing the way we communicate, WhatsApp will eliminate users’ biggest problem!

Used all days by billions of people, the WhatsApp is in constant updating. Almost every day new ones appear functionalities for to improve and facilitate users’ experience. Seen as the main communication tool, it is necessary to always be innovating.

Therefore, in recent times the application has received several functionalities special – the users gained more time when starting conversations with contacts that were not previously saved in the listthe creation of stickers within the application, the change interface color, as possible third blue visa, among others.

In this way, WhatsApp ends up being a tool in work, but also a place for several groups of friends and family to always catch up. This is because, instead of the limitations imposed by operators of telecommunications, this application allows you to send dozens and dozens of messages, of various types, at no cost, you just need to be connected to the internet.

With the new updates in mind, WhatsApp It has finally listened to its users and will end up with the biggest problem of all!


whatsapp users nuisance delete hide
Editorial credit: Marcelo Mollaretti / / ID: 2324202303

Are you constantly being bothered by annoying messages and/or people? There is a solution for that! To avoid these people, just follow these simple steps.

For iOS, users must click the “+” sign within the application. Then click on “contact” and choose the person who is bothering you. Then tap “edit” and there, at the end of the options, you will be able to delete and/or block the contact.

On the other hand, the Android is slightly different. To stop being bothered by one or more contacts, you have to go to the conversation icon and search for the contact. Once found, you have to click on the three dots in the top right corner and then you will have the option to delete. This way it will stop receiving so many notifications unnecessary.


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