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One Piece author talks about the future of the manga after the Egghead arc



The anime series adaptation of the manga One Piece in Eiichiro Oda will enter the arch Egghead January 7, 2024 and on Jump Festa 2024 the author shared a message with fans anticipating major events that will happen in the manga next year, which will include Luffy and the Straw Hats leaving Egghead and heading to a long-awaited island next.

Eiichiro Oda he wrote:

Although, of course, I will also be working hard on the manga, but this past year, many characters have faced many events. Truly a terrifying world! If Luffy and the others can get Egghead to safety… they must go to that island. I also considered not going this route, but I might not be able to stop Luffy. If that ends up happening, then there will be a fight for it. And finally, finally it will happen. The battle between that character and that character can lead to unexpected results!!”

Although it is not an exact revelation of when the Egghead Arc will end, this message Oda This means that not only will we see the end of the Egghead Arc, but we will also have another transitional period (where big things always happen) before the Straw Hats arrive on a new island (probably the giants’ long-awaited island, Elbaph) during 2024. It looks like fans have a big year ahead.

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