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Palworld director responds to death threats and Pokémon plagiarism allegations



It is easy to see why Palworld became a very popular game and many players ended up comparing the game to “Pokémon with guns”.

With the exponential increase in its popularity, accusations from some players that Palworld plagiarizes much of the content of Pokémon and its director has now made a public statement on the matter, also addressing the verbal abuse and threats that his team has suffered.

Takuro Mizobegame director Palworld, stated on twitter:

We are currently receiving abusive and defamatory comments against our artists, as well as tweets that appear to be death threats.

While we have received diverse opinions about Palworld, it is important to note that oversight of all Palworld-related materials is conducted by a team, including myself. I take responsibility for the materials produced. I would appreciate it if these comments about the artists involved in Palworld would stop.

Certainly the Japanese Pokectpair I didn’t expect this sudden massive interest in your game, which promises to give a lot to talk about in the near future and even Sony itself seems to be interested in bringing the game to the PS5.

On twitter, Shuhei Yoshidaresponsible for the indies at Playstationcongratulations to Pokectpair with fans immediately asking him to bring the game to the console SONYto which he he responded “Yes”.

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