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Pirate IPTV: Fear can mean the end!



Pirate IPTV – As always, it is worth highlighting that IPTV in itself is not illegal, it is just a technology for providing a TV signal over the Internet, but, with the strong increase in the price of reliable services in recent years, we have more and more users opting for illegal alternatives (Pirates).

  • Note: It is also worth highlighting that there are differences between the IPTVwhich involves distributing a TV signal, and the OTTwhich is the base technology of Streaming services like Netflix. (Know more here).

Well, interestingly enough, many of the most popular Pirate alternatives are even paid! Something very curious, because despite being significantly cheaper services compared to the official services of IPTV operators, all of this means that consumers are not against payingthey are against paying for an exaggeratedly expensive and poor quality service.

But once… Official services only need to offer a quality service at a fair price. Piracy doesn’t need hunting, just competition.

Pirate IPTV: Fear can mean the end!

Piracy, pirate

Therefore, the fight against piracy of multimedia content has only increased in recent years, especially in recent pandemic and post-pandemic years.

After all, there have been many investments in systems capable of “catching” users in illegal acts, by the many international alliances of entities responsible for copyright. But the evolution on the pirate side has also been incredible. Which once again means that we have a new game of Cat vs Mouse, an almost always endless duel, where no one ends up winning.

Still, according to a new study, there is a very simple way to block the “madness” of Pirate IPTV. Do you know which one it is? You are in fear!

As you can imagine, a pirated IPTV service can look incredible, and can even be completely reliable in its first months or years of life. But one thing is certain, it is a service that you cannot trust 100%.

Those responsible for the IPTV service you use can be incredible and trustworthy people one day, and the next they may prefer to monetize their platform more, or even sell your data to third parties. What is clear is that it must raise doubts in the minds of users, even the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Well, according to a new studywhere a fake IPTV service was created, it became apparent that there is indeed a fear related to the use of these services, especially on the part of more casual consumers, or those with less computer skills.

Something that is most likely due to the fact that we have too much personal information on our computing devices, be it photos of us, our family, or our friends, or even banking information. In short, there are those who don’t want to take the risk to save a few euros a month.

In case you didn’t know, dealing with piracy means always having to deal with potential threats on the Internet. Be it viruses, malware, or even the authorities, you are always at risk. It may be low risk. But… Is it worth it in the medium/long term?

Still, although the study provided very interesting results, the truth is that it also proved that there are users who do not care about the risk, and will always pirate content because there are more advantages than disadvantages in their actions. Therefore, personally, I continue to believe that the solution lies in competition, in delivering an official, reliable service at a fair price.

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