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PlayStation 5 Pro is a dream for studios!



Let’s be brutally honest… The new generation of consoles has not resulted in the transformation that many of us would like, which is largely due to the impact of the pandemic on the industry, but of course, it is also due to the lack of power of the current most desired consoles on the market, the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Which is exactly why Sony is now planning to launch a PlayStation 5 Pro! This is in order to achieve the objectives outlined at the launch of 2020.

  • In other words, offering 4K gameplay above 60 FPS, in any and all games.

However, it is not enough to increase specifications, it is also necessary to ensure that studios are able to take advantage of all the extra juice that Sony is considering adding to its new Pro console.

PlayStation 5 Pro is a dream for studios!

ps5 Pro

What does more juice mean? Well, according to the latest market information, all games that have reached PS5 limited to 30 FPS will reach 40~50 FPS. All games that have reached 40 FPS on PS5 with VRR activated will easily reach 60 FPS.

Finally, all games that already run at a stable 60FPS on PS5 will easily reach 120 FPS on PS5 Pro.

Easily? It’s going to be a FREE performance!

Yes, this increase in performance will happen without any kind of work on the part of the studios!

The PS5 Pro hits the market with a huge focus on compatibility with the PS5, and as such, studios won’t have to do much to achieve new levels of performance in their future titles or those already released on the market.

Interestingly, much of this is due to the NPU of the new SoC Viola on PlayStation 5 Pro. In other words, many of the new features are happening thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

As for the price, the PS5 Pro is expected to be slightly more expensive than the current PS5. With several rumors pointing to €600~700. However, it is worth highlighting that this console will be the best platform to play the highly anticipated GTA 6. Is it worth the money?

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