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Science fiction series based on a huge best seller is the most anticipated premiere ever on Apple TV+



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Over the past few years, Apple TV+ has proven to be one of the most diverse and surprising streaming platforms.

With great dramatic, comedy and action series, Apple TV+ has been building a strong name for itself with a rich and diverse catalogue. However, the streaming platform can also boast of being responsible for producing some of the highest quality works ever seen on the small screen. From hits like “Ted Lasso“, “The Morning Show“, “Servant“, “The Shrink Next Door“, “Slow Horses” The “Shrinking“, many of his projects have caused criticism and audiences to talk.

However, there is one genre in particular that Apple TV+ has allowed to flourish with large casts and massive budgets, we are talking about science fiction series. Over the past few years, the streaming service has open doors to great works of this kind such as “Foundation“, “For All Mankind“, “Silo“, “severity” and more recently “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters“, which have garnered the attention not only of critics, but also of a large number of spectators.

Of the science fiction series mentioned, none have truly disappointed audiences, garnering acclaim among critics, with largely positive scores on the analysis aggregator. Rotten Tomatoes where none of them are below 85% approval.


For All Mankind AppleTV+

With this positive track record in mind, it is not surprising that the streaming service continue to invest in this genre, not only with the production of new seasons for each of the series mentioned above, but also with the investment in new candidates to share this success. The latest bet from streaming platform in this popular genre is “Murderbot”, a ten-episode series that will adapt the literary work of Martha Wells.

Based on the saga The Murderbot Diaries, which follows “a self-aware SecUnit Android who has hacked his own control module and refers to himself (although never out loud) as ‘Murderbot’. Despising humans, all he really wants is to be left alone long enough to find out who he is.” A soap opera by Martha Wells was received with great acclaim, having won the Nebula Award It is Hugo Awardas well as being nominated for several other literature awards.

The series is produced by Paramount Television Studiosand with David S. Goyer (“Sandman: Master of Dreams“) as executive producer. Chris and Paul Weitz (“The Chanfrado Professor 2“) are in charge of writing and carrying out the project that will feature Alexander Skarsgård (“The Northman“) as a central figure.


What do you think of AppleTV+’s science fiction series? Are you ready for another one to premiere?

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