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These are the best Internet offers in Portugal



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The three main operators – NOS, MEO and Vodafone – have received competition in recent times. Who has the cheapest packages?

In recent months we have seen the arrival of several internet operators with very attractive offers! Since LigaT passing through Friendthe promise is the same: lower prices than those currently practiced in the national market.

The arrival of the Digi, an operator of Romanian origin that promises to offer the Portuguese a more affordable experience. However, since the values ​​are not yet known, it was not included in this analysis.

Still, despite increasing competition, the truth is that the three main players in Portugal recently announced that they will raise prices already in February! Thus, the Protest Deco analyzed all existing fixed Internet and mobile Internet packages in our country and reached a verdict!


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If with regard to Fixed Internet in 100Mbps the values ​​differ little between the seven operators analyzed – NOWO, US, LigaT, Friend, Vodafone, WOO It is MEO – with the exception of NOWO (20 euros) the rest have values ​​between 27 and 29.99 euros, it is on the 1Gbps that the differences are more noticeable and where there is a clear winner!

In this case, five of the seven operators in question return to present similar values: among the 37 and 40.50 euros. NOWO stands out again with a significantly lower price: 30 euros. However, it is not who has the most affordable offer. This title belongs to LigaT, which has a price of 20 euros.


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As regards the internet and voice tariffs There are four operators that stand out from the rest. In this case we have the introduction of a new playerThe Lycamobile, which is prepaid. Friend, NOWO and WOO are the remaining names that make up the range of options with lower prices.

With regard to mobile data, four gigs cost 10 euros on Amigo and WOO. NOWO offers one more gig for the same value. Lyca also offers five gigs but for just eight euros. At the next level, 15 gigsthe two three return to present the same value: 15 euros. Lyca is once again the winner since for the same price it offers five more gigs (15 gigs in total).

Do you have any of these mobile operators?

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