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This acclaimed miniseries won 11 Emmys and can be seen on HBO Max



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Among the various miniseries that HBO Max offers, there is one about superheroes that won 11 Emmys and is worth watching.

When we talk about the biggest streaming platforms in Portugal, it is impossible not to mention HBO Max which carries a catalog of series and movies very varied and of great quality.

Known for their impeccable production of series with various genres and features, HBO Max gains special prominence for its miniseries of great quality that he offered to the public as “John Adams”, “Big Little Lies” or “Chernobyl”

Here we have already taken the opportunity to remember both the most commented It is very rememberedlike those who stayed forgotten by time.

The recommendation now is for a series which was greatly celebrated in its time, winning 11 statuettes in the 72nd edition of the Awards Emmy from Primetime.

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Aired between October 20th and December 15th, 2019, this series created by Damon Lindelof presents itself as a sequel to the acclaimed graphic novel written by Alan Moore which features a world in which superheroes have been banned.

A comics tells the story of a group of masked vigilantes – RorschachNite Owl, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Ozymandias and Comedian – in an alternative version of the United States in which Nixon never resigned and the Vietnam War was won thanks to the help of Dr. Manhattan, a brilliant physicist.

When Comedian is murdered, Rorschach begins an investigation to find the killer. He ends up discovering that Ozymandias is responsible for the deaths of millions of people during a manufactured alien invasion aimed at uniting the USA and the Soviet Union.

Determined to expose Comedian’s killer, Rorschach is killed by Dr. Manhattan. However, before he dies, the detective manages to send his diary to a newspaper.

Watchmen HBO Max
© HBO Max

Set 34 years later, the miniseries “Watchmen” seeks to show the consequences of previously occurring events.

Using the secret identity of Sister Night, Detective Angela Abar (Regina King) investigates an ancient group of white supremacists, known as the Seventh Cavalry, which was inspired by the diary of the vigilante Rorschach. This sect wages a violent war against racial minorities and the police officers who try to defend them.

Angela now needs to hide behind a mask to protect herself and prevent more people from falling victim to racist attacks.

In addition to King, who won a Emmy for its acclaimed performance, the cast It also has names like Tim Blake NelsonLouis Gossett Jr. Jean Smart, Don Johnson, Hong ChauJovan Adepo, Jeremy Irons and fellow Emmy winner Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Despite all its success, there is no indication that the series will have a second season. as Lindelof believes there is a world to be explored, but not with him.

In turn, the CEO of HBO Max Casey Bloys argues that “If he doesn’t think there’s a story he wants to put his whole soul and heart into, it’s hard for me to think it would be worth doing.”


And you, have you had the opportunity to watch or rewatch “Watchmen” on HBO Max? Are you a fan of the miniseries?

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