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This incredible trick leaves your washing machine like new!



The problem with the washing machine is that sometimes it starts to accumulate smells that are not at all pleasant. Needless to say, this is then carried over to the clothes. As if this wasn’t already an extremely unpleasant problem, we also have mold. However, there is an incredible trick that leaves your washing machine looking like new and you only need to have two things at home that are also cheap. Ready to make your washing machine like new?

This incredible trick leaves your washing machine like new!

Several influencers are showing this trick on TikTok and it is very easy to do. All you need is a lemon and toothpaste.

The way to do it is very easy. Cut a lemon in half and then put toothpaste on top. Meanwhile, place the lemon that already contains the toothpaste in the machine drum and run a quick cycle. When you finish washing you will see the difference. An odor-free and much cleaner machine.

Any type of toothpaste works.

However, while we are talking about cleaning, there is something else you can do to get rid of bacteria and odors.

The washing machine is the ideal place for bacteria to grow. This is due to its normally humid environment. To try to combat this and especially the mold that accumulates in some cases, people use bleach. However, this is a mistake you should avoid!

ice dryer, washing machine smells

That said, instead of looking for harsh chemicals like bleach, which could even damage your machine, there is a simple solution that may already be in your cupboard: white vinegar.

So put the equivalent of a glass of white vinegar in the dishwasher drawer and activate a quick washing program. This will work wonders!

But the White Vinegar that can be purchased at any commercial store is not only useful for this. In fact, many people have no idea that it is actually a very effective product.

Therefore, it is also useful for the dishwasher, carpets, bathroom, blocked pipes, windows, stubborn stains and mold.

Meanwhile, returning to the washing machine, this process with white vinegar must be repeated once a month. Maximum every 6 weeks.

This way you will see that bad smells are a thing of the past. Another important tip is to leave the washing machine lid open. This is when you are not using it, of course.

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