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What we are seeing – December 10, 2023



In short, we talk a little about what we saw and leave the invitation below in the comments to say what they saw and played in the last week.

Bruno Reis

Captain Tsubasa: Youth Tournament Arc (09 and 10)

This block of episodes Captain Tsubasa acted as a harvest of everything that the previous ones have sown so far, that is, the power and intimidation of the world youth football teams, the adversity and achievement of Tsubasa and his teammates, and long-awaited returns by fans inside and outside the lawns. While Roberto’s presence is calm and practically speechless, Misaki’s is so fulminating that it reintroduces the first weakness in a goalkeeper who seemed immaculate. Although Tsubasa’s protagonism continues to be a little exaggerated on the field, as it always has been, at least this time I feel that it also served to develop the remaining characters and reveal that even though they come from different worlds, everyone’s lives, especially Misaki and Hyuuga They received a little more humility and continued the legacy of the eternal Captain Falcão.

Shangri-La Frontier (10)

Through the opening we know that Sunraku’s group discovers that his group will increase with the arrival of two warriors, however, we didn’t know how and when. Fortunately, this episode arrived to dot the “i’s” and partially answer some questions. While one of these we already knew is her “unrequited love”, the other is a Player Killer who agrees to form an alliance with the player who took the divine game by storm to help him find a treasure. The episode does an excellent job developing PK, even though in the first part of it the focus was on Sunraku’s fight against yet another powerful threat, which was clearly inspired by the Skulltula of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Timeand the world outside of Shangri-La where the virtual warrior removes his blue bird mask and continues his research in magazines and spatiality forums, something that I find commendable in a series with these values ​​because Sunraku is not OP, it just succeeds Succeed in putting the game in your favor through prior knowledge and strategies.

Hello it’s-a me Super Mario on the PS4 WAHOOOOO

Rurouni Kenshin (2023) (23)

Finally Rurouni Kenshin presented one of the most anticipated moments by fans in the pre-kyoto arc, Kenshin’s duel against Saito. Although in my opinion it fails to reach the splendor of the classic work, I can tell you that it did not disappoint even with a direction and approach more suited to our modern era. However, in addition to the majestic and incredible soundtrack, which can never be replicated, in this and other inevitable adaptations, another effect I felt was the lack of Kenshin’s sharp golden gaze when he momentarily embraced his previous identity as a butcher. The look demonstrated a colder and more distant personality that contrasted with the friendly and warm personality of the vagabond samurai, unfortunately in this incarnation I only felt the same values ​​through the speeches of Kenshin’s seiyuu. The faded colors in the original duel also gave it a darker effect. However, the way in which the production accomplished the same was not discarded, on the contrary, it guaranteed it a very unique identity, it was very interesting to see Saito using his clothing to try to defeat our favorite samurai and demonstrating his inner struggle. of Kenshin through Kaoru and Yahiko.

The original Santoryu user

Goblin Slayer II – (10)

“Move forward with life by respecting the positive and negative experiences that we have achieved and lived”. This quote partially describes the episode of Goblin Slayer From this week. Anyone who follows this space closely knows that throughout the Orcbolg’s adventures this season, they realized that the once inexpressive Goblin Slayer has gradually revealed a more human side. As this effect has been increasingly constant, the impossible happened, the warrior told his friends that the time that passed was fun even if he didn’t have to kill Goblins, which as we know is his “raison d’être”. I believe that all viewers had the same expression of astonishment as the characters. Another highlight of this episode was starring the priestesses of both the sword and the small silver-ranked warrior who accompanies the group. While the once powerful “blind” woman reveals a more feminine and fragile side, in the other we see a cycle closing, even though she remains linked to the same thing. These elements could be better described if some weren’t a lame excuse for the constant fanservice we’ve seen this season that, even with the disclaimer at the beginning of each episode, continues to censor everything. I feel that the production wants to replicate the controversy of the previous one but is afraid of causing the consequences. A scene that perhaps went unnoticed but I think is very important was the Goblin Slayer’s training as a child, was he trained by a Goblin? At least that’s what it seemed to me.

Why doesn’t Goblin Slayer take off his helmet to eat?

Frieren: Journey’s End (14)

This episode of Frieren it could practically be summed up as a tantrum from Fren for not receiving a birthday present. However, if we look deeper we discover that it was much deeper than that. We finally have implicit proof that the legendary hero loved Frieren, but the fact that the elf did not reveal feelings, perhaps because she had a high level of health, was not realized at the time. Fortunately, this episode also showed us that gestures of affection are never too late, not even when the other person is no longer present in body, but in spirit. The moments of buying the ring and comforting him in his old age are more than obvious factors. Once again Frieren returns to embracing life and honoring death.

Dr. Stone: New World (22)

Dr. Stone continues to surprise because instead of acting as an epilogue, the author revealed that he was attentive and recalled an event that went unnoticed by many, I even admit that I forgot. However, the path you will take to conquer this latest threat will be the same as I outlined. But don’t think that this episode of strong emotions ended there, the other Senkuu certainly also managed to surprise everyone and everything.

Jujutsu Kaisen -Second Season- (20)

Jujutsu Kaisen continues with its true rollercoaster of events and entertainment. It is more than meaningful that the final stretch of the work of Gege Akutami is literally being shouldered because the art and animation styles in these episodes are so inconsistent. On the one hand we have extremely careful and detailed close-up art, on the other hand on the horizon, during the action and fights we not only observe “buffers” but also some very bizarre moments. The fight between the “Brothers” and a character who achieved the feat of feeling fury every time I saw her was dynamic, but at a less intense stage and schedule it would certainly have had a much greater impact and prominence, the effects of fatigue and pressure are increasingly evident in this closing of the curtain. However, I am not indifferent to the writing of this episode, which managed to cover some of its technical gaps. The hyperbolic metaphors of the Whole, the anguish of Yuji Itadori and the madness of Mahito were the great attractions of another 20 minutes taken in irons.

Mahito’s Gear 5


Although this episode of SPY x FAMILY practically acts as a aftermath of the intense events of the previous ones on board the Lorelai, I can’t help but be indifferent to the fact that Loid gradually begins to awaken feelings, even if they are small seeds but with roots, for Yor. The Forgers’ landing in a location that shares similarities with a reservoir in the Algarve, was spent in a family where each member stood out. The one who wanted to take in all this highlight was Anya along with her schoolmates who, again in a very innocent, childish and extremely relatable way with our childhood, tries to assert her position, of course in a very comical way.

The Forger family in Albufeira
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