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YouTube continues to fight Ad-Blockers… In a dirty way!



As you may know, after many long years in which there were never any major problems regarding the use of ad blockers (Ad-Blockers), YouTube seems to have completely changed the narrative to go to war with everything it has.

YouTube continues to fight Ad-Blockers… In a dirty way!


So, after all the warnings at the end of last year, and limiting video viewing to just 3, we now have several signs that YouTube has much more Machiavellian plans to ensure that ad blockers are no longer a problem.

In other words, in addition to “pretending” that YouTube is offline if you happen to use an adblock, the platform also now has a new technique that makes your PC “sweat”. What does it means? It’s simple! It means that YouTube creates false processing routines for its processor, in order to limit its performance on and off the Internet video viewing platform.

Therefore, videos seem slower or don’t even open. Furthermore, if you want to do anything else on your PC, you will experience a completely unusual level of slowness. This always happens, whether your PC is something incredible or something more modest.

Meanwhile, to “escape” all this, several users are switching from Chrome to Firefix and AdBlock to uBlock. For now it works!

In the meantime, if you want more tips, or notice that YouTube is making the user experience worse in other ways… Visit this link! Which will lead you to a discussion on Reddit.

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