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DOC, with Luca Argentero, is returning to national television



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Luca Argentero returns to AXN from February 21st, at 10:50 pm, for the third season of DOC. In this great medical drama he is Dr. Andrea Fanti, a man who will have to relearn everything after an incident leaves him with amnesia.

In “Good Sam” The “The Good Doctor”, you AXN channels stand out for the presence in their programming of major series about medicine and medical teams. One of them is precisely “DOC” (or “DOC: Nelle Tue Mani”), an Italian production originally premiered in 2020 and which has since established itself as a success not only in Italy, its country of origin, but also internationally.

DOC returns to AXN with Luca Argentero,
The Italian poster for the 3rd season of DOC © Lux Vide


“DOC”, with new episodes on AXN from February 21st at 10:50 pmpresents the public with a unique story: That of Andrea Fanti (Luca Argentero), a doctor who suffers a serious injury after the father of one of his patients shoots him in the head. From this moment on, Fanti loses memory of the last 12 years of his life, which includes all his experience as a healthcare professional.

Over several seasons of this great drama set in a hospital, we follow Andrea on her journey of professional and emotional recovery. Once the Chief of Internal Medicine, Fanti will have a long journey to take charge of his life, not initially recognizing his family, friends or professional colleagues.


“DOC” rises through your connection to real life. The work, published in Italy by RAIrecovers part of the events of the Doctor Pierdante Piccioni. Although the details are different, Piccioni is an Italian doctor who in 2013 was involved in a car accident that left him in a coma and, after waking up, with amnesia. Never recovering his memories, Pierdante Piccion had to learn to live and practice medicine again.

Although “DOC”, to see on AXN, significantly alters Piccioni’s life story, were this not a work of fiction, it is largely inspired by this fascinating real experience that in Italy became the subject of great public exposure. What unites the character Andrea Fanti and the real doctor he represents is the need for reinvention, for starting over, which many people dream of and which here becomes an absolute necessity.

Luca Argentero in the doc series
Behind the scenes at T3 ©AXN


A February 21st, Wednesday, at 10:50 pmwe enter the third year of “DOC”. Luca Argentero and company are back and a remarkable event soon opens the 16 chapters which we hope for 2024. Fanti is cleared of all charges and manages to regain the important role of chief doctor that he had held before losing his memory.

Now, he has a new position and a team with new members and he is gaining courage for what matters most: taking care of patients. But not everything is rosy: there is a new administrative director, goals to be met within the department and, on top of that, Andrea continues to struggle with lapses in her memory. When listening to a song, an unexpected flashback appears. Will she be able to recover the past?

“DOC” continues to tell the fantastic and unlikely story of Andrea Fanti on AXN, with a double episode on February 21st at 10:50 pm. After this double premiere, quality television production can be discovered every Wednesday at the same time.

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