In South Korea, the government asks people to stop eating fried sticks



A strange food trend has spread virally on social media South Koreafried sticks – and the government even had to intervene asking people to stop eating this potentially dangerous snack.

Korean sticks are made from cornstarch and are therefore environmentally friendly as they decompose naturally. However, after internet users in South Korea discovered that the sticks could be fried and turned into a “crunchy and delicious” snack, many started following the trend.

Several videos even started to appear on social media presenting different topping ideas, such as cheese, seasonings, instant ramen soup powder and much more.

South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety issued a statement in a rather unusual social media post:

Although the safety of the sticks has been verified, their safety as food has not been verified, so please stop eating them.

According to local reports, the sticks contain a food additive known as “sorbitol,” which is harmless in small amounts but can cause vomiting, diarrhea and inflammation if consumed in excess.

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