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Music video for the ending of Mr. Villain’s Day Off



You GLASGOW they uploaded the music video for “Kyusoku Juden” (Rest and Recharge), his latest single which is used as the ending theme for the anime series adaptation of the manga Mr. Villain’s Day Off (Kyūjitsu no Warumono-san) by Yuu Morikawa.

Kyusoku Juden” was released digitally on January 8th and is their first anime theme song. The music video portrays a man enjoying a brief “rest” and “recharging” his energy for work, which truly reflects the anime’s worldview.

Synopsis of Mr. Villain’s Day Off

An evil organization from another planet is trying to take over Earth. An extraterrestrial from this organization called “General” fights tirelessly against Earth’s defenders every day in a battle of life and death!

However, today is your day off.

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