These are currently the most watched films on Apple TV+ (there is a surprising return)



Apple TV+ is much more than series. These are the most watched films at the moment and there are surprises.

Apple TV+ has started to gain ground in the world of Streaming platforms thanks to various series such as “Bad Sisters”, “Silo”, “hijack”, “The Bad Sisters”, “The Morning Show”, “Foundation”, “For All Mankind”,“Ted Lasso” It is “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” among many others.

Alongside these important current series, the technology giant’s streaming platform has also shown services in cinemas with “Flower Moon Assassins“, in Martin Scorsese It is “Napoleon“, in Ridley Scott. In this way the Apple TV+ was considered the streaming platform with the best content in 2023, through a study of Parrot Analyticswhich revealed that the service has 51% of its content rated good or better.

In this sense, Apple TV+ has several films that are worth watching. Here are the most watched films at the moment on the technology giant’s streaming platform.


Justin Timberlake stars in an inspiring drama, which will leave us hooked to the screen from start to finish. In this film the actor is Eddie Palmer, a former high school football star who sees his career cut short after being sentenced to 12 years in prison.

After serving his sentence, he returns to his homeland, in Louisiana, to the house of the grandmother who watched him grow up. In an attempt to get his life back on track, he discovers that it is more difficult than he imagined, with the constant haunting of his past and the eyes of the community. In between, a 7-year-old boy is in charge of him, creating an unlikely bond. The famous singer and actor returned to the top of the technology giant’s most watched films.


Starring Taron Egerton“Tetris” he follows the American businessman Henk Rogers, after discovering the game in 1988. The businessman risks everything on a trip to the Soviet Union to join the creator and bring the game to the masses. The Apple TV+ movie achieved a solid 81% rating at the Rotten Tomatoes.


“Inspired by a true story, a man goes through imaginable terrors to try to reunite with his family” – a drama starring Will Smith and carried out by Antoine Fuqua.


Starring Tom Hanks and directed by Miguel Sapochnik, “Finch” tells the story of “A worldwide disaster that ended civilization and transformed the planet into a great desert ravaged by sandstorms. In the midst of this scenario, a man tries to survive with just the help of his dog and a robot.” With 74% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoesis one of the most watched films on Apple TV+.


Now a little out of line with the other films on this list. If you have Apple TV+ you have the opportunity to see the entire concert by one of the most important artists of the last year. SZA performs at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


Ghosted” is a hilarious comedy that also combines moments of action, ideal for those looking for a lively movie session during the summer holidays.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher, responsible for films biographical “Bohemian Rhapsody” It is “Rocketman“, the filmmaker brings us a comedy starring Ana de Armas It is Chris Evans. The cast is joined by names such as Adrien BrodyJohn Cho, Anthony Mackiein between others.


Sam Greenfield’s hard-luck story. The protagonist of this animated film from Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation. “Luck” tells the story of Sam, “the unluckiest person in the world! Without understanding how, he will end up in the never-before-seen Land of Luck, where he will have to encounter the magical creatures that live there to change his streak of bad luck”, can be read in the synopsis.


“In this story inspired by true events, Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) leads an international fleet of 37 ships on an extremely dangerous mission across the Atlantic to bring thousands of soldiers and essential supplies to the Allied forces”, reads the synopsis.

Even Apple TV+ wants a new production about the Second World War by Tom Hanks – producer Gary Goetzman revealed that the Streaming platform is interested in a film about the Second World War. He also adds that the technology giant wants something along the same lines as “Greyhound Mission”, written and produced by Tom Hanks.


“Dan is a former professional assassin who decided to live a life normal. However, when enemies from the past find him, he flees to Las Vegas with his wife and three children to keep them safe”, the synopsis reads. Starring Mark Wahlberg It is Michelle Monaghanthis is one of the comedies most fun on Apple TV+.


With Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brendan Fraser It is Lily Gladstone in the main roles, “Killers of the Flower Moon”, by Martin Scorsese was one of the best films of 2023.

The project was produced by Imperative Entertainment, Sikelia Productions, Appian Way and Apple Studios. A constructions by Martin Scorsese tells the story of the murders of the Osage nation, after they discovered large deposits of oil on their lands.

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