What we are seeing – February 11, 2024



In short, we talk a little about what we saw and leave the invitation below in the comments to say what they saw and played in the last week.

Bruno Reis

Captain Tsubasa S2 (18)

The duel between the junior teams of Japan and Brazil finally comes to an end with the Jboys team continuing in the competition and leaving behind one of the most talented, which in the aftermath takes a very interesting turn of events. I believe that with this conclusion Juan Diaz will undoubtedly become a much more complete, humble and capable player because tasting defeat for the first time in his life generated a mix of feelings of admiration, frustration and liberation. Initially, he doesn’t understand how an apparently weak and unknown team can beat the all-powerful Argentina, one of the most powerful and talented in the world, and being defeated by nobody like the Japanese is a feeling that initially doesn’t make sense to him. However, upon witnessing and experiencing everyone’s determination and determination, especially that of number 10, he finally discovers that his arrogance is an obstacle that makes it impossible for him to fly higher. After recognizing the talent of the mysterious number 10, and asking him to say his name during the exchange of shirts, he tells him that he will never forget him because he recognizes that he was putting obstacles in the way of happy and fun football as he always wanted. I really didn’t mind a spinoff with Juan Diaz as the protagonist, I felt his development in this encounter was something very interesting to explore. In the second part of the episode it was also fun to watch a Forum SportTV or the old one Sports Sunday and to the feelings of Tsubasa and Sanae (Patty in our Portuguese version being present), as well as Ishizaki, who also receives a very interesting turn of events in this episode and Sanae is the person he trusts most off the pitch.

Shangri-La Frontier (17)

There is no doubt that we are facing the episode with the most action and developments of Shangri-La Frontier until the date. Its events were so immense that I even confess that it was a little difficult to put them into words. Firstly, I reiterate that Shangri-La Frontier continues to embrace its gaming component because combat with Wethermon is all about this component. Even Sunraku’s personality changed completely throughout the series when he went down this path, although I find it a little out of character, but I also have to recognize that it was largely because I felt what so many players have experienced in the moments when a powerful boss invades. their screens and gives them a fantastic challenge. Along the way we also get a very interesting development that leads us to think that there is something more than a game in this virtual world.

“Shredder is here!”

Urusei Yatsura (2022) (28)

This episode of Urusei Yatsura he reminded those who resisted and revealed them to newcomers because he became a true icon, that is, he treated everyone with a completely hyperbolic and fun humor. It’s really a shame that Asuka was introduced so late because I think she’s one of the characters that best represents the mood of Rumiko Takahashi. As I reported last week, previous episodes had a basic, forced and repetitive humor, but this week’s was not only much more organic to the author’s roots, but also the deconstruction of Asuka, which although it may seem unusual, has a lot of logic from a point of view. From a psychological point of view, after all, we are dealing with a young woman who was educated under the tutelage of a regime completely devoid of being common. However, due to this she not only developed an animalistic strength but she was forced to judge that all men are evil, except her brothers. The humor was all wrapped up in these elements which made it adaptable, fresh, well written and extremely fun, without a doubt this was one of the best episodes of this adaptation and one of my favorites of both adaptations.

Kimetsu no Yatsura Moon

Delicious in Dungeon (06)

The entire cast of Delicious in Dungeon pretty much received a layer of development, all except Chilchuck. From very early on I felt that this “Alex Kidd” was only inserted into the plot as a tool to advance the plot, after all he is the character who opens locks and disarms traps. However, this episode not only demonstrated the opposite but also presented one of the best animations to date. The scenes where Chilchuck escapes from the mimic had the quality stamp of Trigger, that is, extremely approximate camera shots sprinkled with a metaphorical and mega-fluid uneven anatomy. This episode also revealed the young boy’s phobia is that he is quite possibly the only human in the group. I could also talk about the first part of the episode where Laios traveled between scenes, but I won’t do that because besides being repetitive, and in a certain way stupid, it didn’t add any new flavors to the series.

“This is fine”

Solo Leveling (05)

Despite incredible action scenes in Solo Leveling, I think this episode fell short of expectations, due to its writing. We all know that Jinwoo became a very powerful character, that is a fact without a doubt, but I think that the climax of the battle against the spider suffered greatly when it introduced the element of hunger and fatigue, to transmit laws to Jinwoo’s game, and then the “killed” in favor of the character’s protagonism. It really doesn’t make sense to present concepts and then destroy them. This destruction passed on to the group of traitors who experienced the effects that the game’s standards are having on Jinwoo’s psyche, the E-Rank young man is gradually losing his humanity.

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