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Man is called to court for comparing a woman to the Transport Titan from Attack on Titan



According to the newspaper China Record an individual from Taiwan was called to court after to compare the appearance of a woman to that of the Transport Titan from the series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin.

The case invaded social media in this territory when on November 21st it was reported that a man was called to court and had to pay a fine of 12,000 TWD (around €380) for publishing a defamatory comment about a woman who apparently had similarities to the Transport Titan, a quadrupedal creature with a disproportionately wide face and mouth jaw, this titan is generally considered “ugly” and comical among fans of the series.

Upon witnessing the publication, the woman decided to take legal action and filed a lawsuit against the individual. Another user who responded to the post added a statement that included sexual implications and was fined around €790 and sentenced to 25 days in prison. According to the report, the Taiwanese public was very sympathetic to the victim, many consider it inappropriate to compare someone to the Transportation Titan. A lawyer commented that the court ruled that the act of comparing a person to the Transportation Titan was malicious and defamatory.

On the other hand, the case led to the creation of memes about the fact that the Transport Titan is now a “court-approved” level of ugliness.

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