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Forget about bleach in the washing machine! This gets rid of the stains!



There’s nothing worse than running a cycle in the washing machine and at the end discovering that the clothes are still full of stains. Especially when it comes to white clothes where they are more noticeable. When this happens, we will have to use more electricity and water. Not to mention the detergent. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the problem once and for all! That said, let’s tell you about the washing machine trick that removes all stains without putting bleach in the washing machine!

Forget about bleach in the washing machine! This gets rid of the stains!

Many people turn to strong chemicals when they encounter light-colored clothes and not just stains.

There’s nothing worse than finding a stain on white clothes or noticing a gray tint starting to take over your sheets. When this happens it seems like there is no other option than to reach for strong products like bleach. However, the truth is that you can recover your clothes without having to resort to anything. According to experts, the secret to keeping your clothes completely clean is to adjust the water temperature accordingly.

Even the smallest stains can mean the end of white clothes. But if you use the wrong formulas to clean it, it can be even worse.

bleach in the washing machine

It’s true that baking soda or white vinegar helps remove stains. However, they are not always effective on oils and certain types of stains.

That said, the secret is to use warmer temperatures instead of using other products.

But before putting all your whites through a 60-degree wash cycle, it’s important to separate your clothes into different sets. This must be done based on the washing instructions for each item. The secret to separation is to put things together based on the maximum temperature each item of clothing can handle.

Using hot water for stains is usually a good idea.

If you have to choose between hot or cold washing for stains, hot water will work best. This is because not only does it help activate your detergent (and is more effective at completely dissolving powder detergent), it also helps sanitize your laundry, making it look cleaner and fresher.

If we are dealing with very difficult stains, there is another trick that can help.

In reality it is something very simple. Just grab a white cloth and add a little dish soap. More or less as shown in the image below. In this particular case this influencer used Fairy but in reality it could be anyone.

Stain-free clothes: incredible trick for the washing machine!

Then just place this cloth in the washing machine along with the clothes.

Stain-free clothes: incredible trick for the washing machine!

In fact, the process is very simple, especially looking at the results it gives! Below is the video that demonstrates the entire process.


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However, in response to the video, there are also those who say that they apply the dishwashing detergent directly to the clothes and especially where the stains are. It also even works on clothes in other colors.

Now just a warning. As you can see in the video, you only add a little detergent. It’s not worth overdoing it so as not to end up with a washing machine full of suds.

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