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What should you know about patio homes for sale in Scottsdale?



As a resident of Scottsdale, Phoenix, you must have come across real estate properties seated next to each other in clusters. Those are patio homes whose popularity with the people continues to grow with each passing year. Statistics show that in 2021 in Scottsdale, around 6,477 patio properties were purchased by investors, a noticeable increase from 2020 when real estate agents sold approximately 5,871 houses. Experts predict that these numbers will increase in the coming years.

But why are people looking for such large numbers of Scottsdale patio homes for sale? Several reasons are behind that, including convenience, accessibility, safety, low maintenance, and close-knit community. 

If you have never lived in a patio home before, or you have just the faintest idea about it, here are some things that will help you know what they are, like features, benefits, and the best areas in Scottsdale to buy them. 


Homes with these architectural designs first made their appearance during the 1970s in gated communities. Some also refer to them as “zero-lot lines” because their structures almost touch the boundary line.


Patio houses share the same design. Unlike single-family dwellings or even apartments, these don’t have large porches or yards. Most consist of one story or one and a half stories at the most. 

The houses usually have a front driveway and indoor garage, which is a significant advantage if you live in Old Town or Downtown Scottsdale, known for its lack of parking spaces. The size of the garages varies from one house to another.

Since most properties share a common wall, no defined line separates them from one another. 


While the layouts are different for the interiors, all patio houses share some architectural elements. The main living area and bedrooms are generally situated on the top floor, while the lofts occupy the second floor. The houses have small guest rooms occupying the second floor. Most have an open floor plan, marked by large rooms that serve various functions as a single living space. 

Interestingly, realtors in Scottsdale claim that most buyers prefer homes with open floor plans because the living room appears larger without walls and other barriers. 

Best areas in Scottsdale to buy homes

Some neighborhoods in Scottsdale where you could consider buying a home are N 73rd Way, N 68th Street Unit, E Hope Drive, E Clinton Street, and E Camelback Road. All these neighborhoods are safe and secure, with guards posted on duty 24×7 in addition to advanced security measures like CCTV cameras, keypad systems, etc. 

Benefits of living in patio homes

There are several benefits of living in such homes.

  • Convenience – Living in such houses is highly convenient because you are spared the trouble of maintaining your yard, mowing the lawn, or removing snow. Homeowner associations (HOAs) take care of these tasks at a reasonable fee.
  • Lower costs – HOAs take care of basic maintenance tasks at a reasonable fee. But even then, it is much cheaper than living in single-family homes where you must pay money for each separate task. For instance, lawn maintenance services in Scottsdale cost between 100 USD to 300 USD per month, snow removal costs 40 USD to 100 USD per visit, and higher in snow storms.
  • Shared amenities – Living in patio homes in gated communities gives you access to various amenities, including tennis courts, gyms, community spas and pools, lounges, etc. Accessing these services through memberships is pretty costly. For example, a spa membership in Scottsdale would cost you around 600 USD, while a gym membership would cost between 50 USD to 100 USD per month (depending on the quality). 

It would be best if you searched for Scottsdale patio homes for sale through a skilled realtor based in Scottsdale who will help you find the home you are looking for based on your requirements. Living in these homes gives you access to a comfortable, convenient, and secure lifestyle at a reasonable price. 

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