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Hayao Miyazaki was embarrassed to leave retirement



The famous director has already announced its reform in Studio Ghibli multiple times, always ending up returning for another film, and now with the successful debut of The Boy and the Crane (The Boy and the Heron), the director revealed that he feels motivated to create more anime.

In a recent interview, Toshio Suzukithe president of the Studio Ghiblitalked about why Miyazaki decided to make this his last film and whether he will actually retire or not.

In conversation with the The Hollywood Reporter he stated that Miyazaki he was embarrassed about coming out of retirement to the point where he didn’t want to be seen in the public eye.

It was only three years after he announced his retirement, and at that time, I honestly believed we wouldn’t make any more films together. [Miyazaki] I said this because “I found it very embarrassing to come back after announcing that I was going to retire, I’m not going to show myself in public”.

Suzuki spoke after the influence of Miyazaki in The Boy and the Crane (The Boy and the Heron):

I knew he really wanted to do this movie, so I had to decide whether or not I should let him. I finally went through the storyboards on Sunday night and it went really well. It was very interesting and captivating. It was very clear what he wanted to do. And what he wanted to do was basically tell the story of his life. I could say this would be very epically pessimistic.

Suzuki stated that he was originally not going to approve the idea of Miyazaki for what was initially billed as his final film. However, Miyazaki He did everything he could to get the project approved. “Now I’m glad I didn’t say no,” he said. Suzuki. “If he hadn’t made this film, he wouldn’t have been able to die happy.”

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