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Waze warns drivers that it will save money



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There have been many new developments in Waze in recent days, as we have noticed. This time, an alert appears that could save you a lot of money!

O Waze is an application of navigation very popular, recognized by its community of users who share real-time information about traffic, accidents and obstacles on the roads. Furthermore, it provides functionalities such as speed alerts, police presence and voice guidance personalized.

With an intuitive and interactive interface, the application allows for more efficient and convenient navigation. With millions of users around the world, Waze has become a tool indispensable for travelers and drivers who want a more fluid driving experience.

The truth is that in recent days several new developments have arrived application. So, from now on, users will no longer need to scroll through two or three menus to reach the desired option. However, we also learned that one of the most important features have been removed


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Now, the application’s Portuguese page now leaves a warning to drivers about the operation of the radars. “This is the expected behavior in Radars of Speed ​​in Portugal. Approach, start and end alert for the average speed. To avoid errors, use your voice Amáliato the voices recorded alerts do not have all alerts recorded.

Follow the active route, more and more alerts will appear to those traveling on the route. The average speed control slider bar is only visible in the vertical position of the smartphone. In CarPlay/Android auto system it is not visible“, can be read in the publication on Instagram.

Do you usually use Waze on your trips?

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