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Adam Sandler and George Clooney reunite in Noah Baumbach’s (Barbie) new film



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Noah Baumbach’s next film for Netflix will feature an unprecedented collaboration between Adam Sandler and George Clooney.

After having made films such as “The Meyerowitz Stories”, “Marriage Story” It is “White Noise” for Netflix, Noah Baumbach honors its commitment to streaming giant for another promising projector.

Co-written with actress Emily Mortimer (“The New Look”), the project has already been described by Scott Stuberthe head of Netflix’s film division, as a funny and moving story that brings adults into a process of “coming of age“. With this description, everything indicates that Baumbach is back to the type of dramatic comedy that established him as one of the most interesting authors in contemporary independent cinema.

Made by Amy Pascal (“Little Women”) It is David Heyman (“Barbie”), this new, as-yet-untitled Netflix bet will mark the first collaboration between two of the biggest stars in American cinema, Adam Sandler It is George Clooney.

Just like Baumbach, Sandler is a name that has a agreement with Netflix. This year alone, the star starred in and produced the following films for the platform: “Murder Mystery 2”You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah” It is “Leo”.


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Over the past few years, the successful comedian has sought a greater balance in his career between more light-hearted comedies (“Hubie Halloween”) and projects that push him into his discomfort zone and make him demonstrate his potential and talent as an actor (“Uncut Gems” or “Hustle”).

After working with Baumbach in the aforementioned “The Meyerowitz Stories”, Sandler will repeat the partnership again, and it seems like another project in which the actor will show what he is worth as performer.

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In turn, the Oscarized George Clooney has been more removed from his acting career and focused on directing. This year, his most recent work arrived in American cinemas, the sports drama “The Boys in the Boat”, which was not received with much enthusiasm by the criticism.

In front of the camera, Clooney was last seen in the hit comedy “Ticket to Paradise”beside Julia Roberts.

The decision to join the cast of this new film by Baumbach shows a turning point in the film star’s career and an intention to return to work with great directors, something that had been a milestone in his career so far, working with Joel & Ethan Coen, Steven Soderbergh, Alfonso Cuaron, Wes Anderson and many others.

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This is also a big moment for Noah Baumbach’s career, who sign the argument from “Barbie”, the film of the yeartogether with his wife Greta Gerwig. In the past, Baumbach and Gerwig had collaborated on writing films such as “Frances Ha” or “Mistress America“.


And you, are you excited for Noah Baumbach’s next film with Adam Sandler and George Clooney on Netflix?

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