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Am I alone in my hatred of audio messages!?



It has happened to you that you are living your life in peace, and out of nowhere… IT HAPPENS! Whether from WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, or even Facebook Messenger, a 2 minute and 34 second audio arrives, ready to ruin your perfect afternoon.

Is there anything more annoying than this? Especially when you respond by text message, like a normal person, and the response is done again via audio? Join me in my irritation!

Am I alone in my hatred of audio messages!?

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Attention, I’m not saying anything bad about all audio messages. This is an extremely interesting feature, which makes perfect sense in many situations.

However, it is also a much more boring type of message, because it forces us to waste more time, and in the vast majority of cases it also forces us to pay more attention to a certain type of topic that may not even be of great interest for our day. -a-day.

More concretely:

  • It is not always possible to hear a text message, or at the very least it requires the use of earbuds or headphones. Therefore, I always end up postponing its playback, and sometimes I even end up forgetting that I have pending audios.
  • In the vast majority of cases, 30-second audio messages can very well be summarized in a 2 or 3-line message. What is faster? Read 2 lines or waste 30 seconds with an audio?
  • 5-minute audios? They are crazy! Do you still remember what you heard at the beginning? Will you have to go back? It’s annoying!

I’m very honest, artificial intelligence will really be worth it, and it might even win me over, if it is able to summarize 2 or 3 minute audios into a small and compact message of 5 or 6 lines.

First of all, share with us your opinion about all this in the comments box below.

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