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ANACOM praises operator with low prices that is arriving in Portugal



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Portugal is just a few weeks away from welcoming an operator that promises to revolutionize the telecommunications market.

The new president of National Communications Authority (ANACOM), Sandra Maximianohas a similar opinion to that of his predecessor, João Cadete Matos who, last December, praised the Digi. A operator arrives in Portugal in the near future with the promise of lower prices than those that exist in our country.

I’m sure these are two problems that will be resolved“, said the former president about prices and periods of loyalty. Now, in an interview with the program Public Questionsfrom Renascença, Sandra Maximiano says that the new operator “will enter the country with great ambition” It is “cheaper products“. The person responsible has no doubt that with her “aggressive offers […] will create reaction” of the remaining players.

We hope that Digi covers the lack of packages with fewer products, ‘standalone’ offers, offers aimed at younger audiences who do not want a landline, more customized offers that allow them to pay for what the person actually consumes“, also points out Sandra Maximiano. According to the program Savings Accountsfrom SIC, could arrive in March.


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Although Digi has not yet provided any information regarding the prices that will be charged on national soil, the truth is that we can use the Spanish example to have an idea of ​​what to expect. Thus, it is worth noting that in the neighboring country, as the Renaissance reports, “started charging around half competitive prices”. Furthermore, it offers significantly shorter loyalty periods, making it possible for just one three months.

A SIM card with 10 GB of mobile data and unlimited calls and 500 Mbps Internet cost 20 euros monthly. If you only want to have Internet, is also possible. Thus, 500Mbps costs 15 euros per month; 1Gbps costs 20 euros per month and 10Gbps costs 25 euros. Additionally, there are plan options with 10 GB of mobile data and unlimited calls from seven euros per monthas well as a plan with 100 GB of mobile data for 20 euros per month.

Have you ever heard of Digi?

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