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Apple undergoes biggest change ever in the coming weeks



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Apple is preparing to introduce – against its will – the biggest change ever. It will happen on the App Store.

A Applethe technology giant, is about to face what is most likely the biggest change ever. All because of App Store. The platform that offers millions of applications to device users iOSknown for its rigorous selection and high standards of safety and quality of apps. However, this is about to change very soon.

Apple is preparing to split the App Store into European Union in two versions, one to meet the requirements of the Digital Markets Law (DMA) for the region and another for the rest of the world. According to Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, Apple is planning to introduce the new adjustments in the coming weeks. This is because the deadline for the company to comply with the DMA ends on March 7th.


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Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager. At the meeting, Vestager reminded Cook of Apple’s obligation to allow users to install third-party app stores and make sideload of applications in the EU.

Apple will also be required to give developers the ability to promote their offers outside of the App Store. Additionally, they will also have to accept third-party payment systems. The division of the App Store in the EU is a measure that will have a strong impact on the way users and developers interact with the platform. In short, it will be possible to install apps outside the App Store.

Are you team Apple? What do you think of this change in the App Store?

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