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Are the sound from your airpods or airbuds not good? Do it!



Most people can’t do without headphones. In fact, they are very useful, especially when we want to listen to something without disturbing others. Of course most of the time they work well. However, the day may come when everything changes and as a result the headphones have poor sound quality. Even if you chose one of the more expensive ones. Most of the time people complain about muffled sound in their headphones or interference. So if the sound from your airpods or airbuds is not good, do this.

Are the sound from your airpods or airbuds not good? Do it!

Headphones are not immune to wear and tear. It is possible that over time you will encounter problems with the way your headphones project sound.

Muffled sound can be particularly annoying, as it can convince you to turn up the volume and end up with ear problems. Plus, it’s just annoying not being able to hear what you’re trying to hear.

There are several factors that can lead to this. Fortunately, not all of them involve hardware issues or direct damage. The first thing you need to do is narrow down the possibilities and then you can start working on a fix or solution.

Overlay with phone calls

Headphone audio problems may arise if you use them both to listen to music and to make calls via a smartphone or computer. Sometimes a device mistakenly uses phone call settings for regular listening, which can lead to decreased quality and possible distortion.

For example, if you have an Android smartphone, you can open the Bluetooth settings and tap the gear icon next to the headphones. Then try turning off phone calls with your headphones. If this worked out very well. If not, you have to look for another solution, like the ones mentioned below.

External problems

Headphone audio problems are not always caused by headphones. Firstly check if your device and headphones have new version updates or codecs and install them if necessary and try playing the audio again.

Try listening to one audio different from a completely different source. It’s possible that the file you’re listening to is distorted, the program you’re using to listen to it is having problems, or the streaming service you’re using is having problems, so change it and check if the problem disappears.

Muffled sound in headphones

The connection between the headphones and the computer or other devices could also be the problem. If the connection is wireless, ask your device to forget the headphones and then pair them again. If it is wired, try connecting the headphone cable to another port on your device (if one is available).

The connections

Connections with multiple wireless devices can also sometimes create audio issues. Especially when there are multiple assets. Go to your device’s settings and disconnect all other paired wireless devices, then try using the headphones again.

Inspect the earbuds and ports (if applicable) for dirt and debris, which can accumulate over time and cause distortion or physical connection problems. If you suspect dirt, carefully clean the headphones using compressed air or a dry cotton swab.

However, damage caused by water (either by the accumulation of humidity over time, or through a more direct encounter with water) can also cause irreparable damage to some headphones. If you are fairly certain that water damage is the problem and your headphones are not rated against moisture, it is unlikely that the damage will be repaired.

If your headphones use a wired connection, check the cable for signs of damage, such as tears or fraying. If you find damage, you can try to repair it, starting by cleaning the exposed area with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (to remove dirt) and, once dry, wrapping the damaged section with electrical tape.

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